Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today, my daughter surprised the daylights out of me! She wants to learn how to crochet so she can make what she calls "plushies". In the world of crochet, they're know as amigurumi but I'm okay with plushies. Her desire is not to use classic acrylic worsted weight. She wants to use "sock" weight yarns. Right now, she is looking for a source of solids as she does not want any of the self-striping yarns.

The big surprise about my daughter wanting to learn crochet is she long ago expressed annoyance at the idea of learning how to do anything with sticks or hooks. She does enjoy receiving knitted and crocheted gifts so I can only believe it was inevitable. She comes from a long line of talented individuals.

I totally look forward to seeing her talents develop!

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