Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Patient Zero and The Fleece

I've been reading old entries from the Yarn Harlot. She's seriously infectious! I mean, SERIOUSLY! I liken her to Patient Zero. It's totally her fault! I am again infected! Because of her, I have been on my current sock-knitting jag. And spinning. And totally loving it!

I learned how to spin December 2008. I spun most of the meager supply gifted to me by the lovely Sharon. I also plied it. It has all been languishing since January 2009. Well, I dug out my meager fiber stash and worked on refining my old-new skill with spinning. Why? Because I finally broke down and purchased 15 ounces of Minerva's fleece from High Castle Crafts. I really hope it feels as beautiful as it appears. I want long fibers to play with. I want long fibers to see if I can spin a wool that will allow me to experiment with making firm fabrics like the old sailor's Ganseys.

We shall see...

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