Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Venus Of Willendorf Wannabe

One of the most beautiful Venus statuary has got to be the Venus of Willendorf sculpted circa 25,000 BCE. Through a surprising twist, this, my first spun fiber, looks a lot like the Venus (squint your eyes....) The yarn is only 83 grams and approximately 96 yards and is scratchy but I totally love it. Hey! Give me a break! It's my first!

I first spun this yarn last year. I even plied it then. But between then and now I learned that I made a lot of mistakes. So I meticulously un-plied the yarn, reduced the twist and re-plied the yarn. Yesterday, I set the twist and let the yarn dry overnight. On the balanced portions I actually achieved about 5.5 to 6 TPI. I was able to understand my mistakes from reading the tutorials at Spindle and Wheel. It will be awhile before I get a spinning wheel (sob, they are so expensive that I have to option to buy good yarn or go on a yarn diet and buy one at Christmas next year! The torture!) so I will have lots of time with my training spindle to improve my technique and recognizing well-spun fiber!

Romney wool spun to approximately 96 yards and weighing in at 83 grams. So what should I make with it?

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