Monday, February 21, 2011

My Husband's Socks and Window Treatments

My Husband's Socks:
I actually started back up on my husband's socks. I have a tad over 5" knitted from the toe up. The top of the foot is ribbed and the rib will extend around the entire foot after I turn the heel. I double-checked his foot measurement as I can't find my notes from January. Ah, well.

Project Materials List: Knitpicks Stroll Sport in Black on Knitpicks Options NP circular needle 47" Sz2/2.75mm.

Window Treatments:
Well, the fabric is in the dryer. I am using a floral 100% cotton fabric that I picked up from an estate sale, along with a lightweight muslin. I also picked up "lace" to overlay the floral fabric to soften the colors further. I washed the floral and muslin fabrics to remove the sizing and will be ironing them before I make my first cut. After this washing. future cleansings will involve gentle washing in cool water so as to not harm the "lace" fabric. I've remeasured all the windows and hope like crazy that I have enough of the floral fabric to create the effect that I am visualizing. If not, only three of the windows will receive the color panel/lace insets. I'll see if I can create a rough picture of my plans....

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