Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Ultimatum To My Neighbor (Who's Also My Son)

I have a newish neighbor. He moved in next door in September 2010. This is all fine and good especially since I know and trust him implicitly. I mean, I gave birth to him in 1986! There's only one problem... He's an unremitting slob!

Now, normally this would not be a problem... if his messes remained in his own house. However, his trash is spreading out from his property and is making my yard look like the city reclamation center. See, even though he has his own property now, he thinks he has a right to use our yard as if it is part of his property. Sure I raised him in this house and this yard. BUT he has his own house and his own yard now! I'm actually expecting the city to issue me a citation to clean up soon. Once issued, the city can come in and clean up my property and they would then bill me. Last year's fine was $150.00. I didn't have to pay it because I cleaned up the mess (HIS MESS! He was on the road so I couldn't make him clean it up or I would have.)

Oh, and he borrows things all the time. I don't think I would have had a problem with this either. Except, everything he borrows ends up being left out where anyone could walk off with it or the weather turns the item into useless junk. He NEVER puts things back where he got them from! ARGH! And worse! He makes sure his personal items are put away out of harm's way but feels that our possessions are not sacrosanct. This week I found my shovel, my ax and my utility cart sitting out in the weather in publicly accessible areas alongside his house instead of back where he borrowed them from... in my yard, inside my storage shed.

I am doing what I can to reclaim my yard and my stuff but it's going to be a long road. Today, I gave him the ultimatum that he needs to get his crap out of my back yard by the end of March 2011 or I will be sending it to the dump.

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