Monday, December 27, 2010

Too Much To Do!

I had to finally sit down and make a list of my projects. Too many times I am distracted by "ooh, pretty!" patterns and end up putting down the current project I'm working on. Not cool! I have a baby blanket that MUST be done very soon! Ack!

Anyway, the list looks like this:

Hawaiian Themed Baby Blanket (just needs backing)
Kristina's Lace Assassin Fancy (1/2 done)
Window Treatments
Queen Susan Shawl
Christening Set
Christening Gown
Night Shirt
Fair Isle Sampler
Knitting Needle Roll-up
Ron's Cross-stitch Wizard
Kristina's Blanket
Pincushion/Sewing Box
Sewing Boxes
Bobbin Pillow
Bedroom Robe
Ritual Robe

So, what am I working on? A Hoodie! It's freaking cold in my house! At the speed I am going, it will take another week for me to finish it. Gotta go.

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