Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spinning is Fun!

During our Thursday (December 11, 2008) night meeting at the Hamilton Library in Shreveport, I was finally been granted the opportunity to learn a new aspect of fiber arts---spinning. Sharon, bless her wonderfully generous heart, has given me a learning kit along with additional (4 oz?) roving of Romney to play with. Sharon showed me how to start, how to draft and how to keep from having heavy spots in the resulting thread. She has also told me how to ply when I reach that stage...

Spinning is fun!

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Cyndi said...

Is this really you??

When did you cross over into fiber arts? I lurve those socks!!!

I took the fiber 12-step program to help out my soaping addiction .... now I have a room full of fiber, wheels & looms!! LOL

Do you still have that tutorial for soap labels online? Have a new soaper that is interested.

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