Thursday, December 30, 2010

Need More Hands... or Speech Recognition Software

I have so many thoughts that are worthy of sharing with my blog but they get lost in the noise of living. I spend many hours on fiber crafts. When I want to make comments on articles that I am reading, I have to stop what I'm doing just to do so. Rather annoying to say the least.

So I either need an extra pair of hands or speech recognition software so I can get my thoughts out in open air before they disappear into the black hole that is becoming my elder mind.

I've finished the body and sleeves of the hoodie and am weaving in all the loose ends. I would have been done with all that except I put one of the sleeves on upside down! So I picked out the join (I used mattress stitch so it was not too bad) and reset the sleeve for the proper orientation. I still want to add an actual hood and a front pocket (the one that is a tube from one side of the body to the other) but that may have to wait until after New Year BECAUSE I REALLY need to finish the baby blanket!

Again, need more hands.

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