Monday, August 20, 2007

So It Turns Out I Own A Gold Mine....

I have started the process of organizing my old magazines and books that I've collected over the years when my interest in knitting and crochet first piqued. Right now, I only have the titles and years (with some articles that are divested of their original magazines). Eventually I hope to catalog the actual patterns within this treasure trove. What truly amazes me is how many of the patterns are truly contemporary to when they were presented as well as now! Surprise number two is the number of crocheted plushies that exist throughout my collection that are now popularized as AMIGURUMI!

Here's the initial list...

1001 Craft Ideas (February 1982)

1001 Craft Ideas (January 1982)

1001 Craft Ideas (May/June 1982)

1001 Craft Ideas (March 1982)

1001 Craft Ideas (Fall Issue 1982)

Annie's Attic #265B "Annie's Super Simple Mile-A-Minute Crochet Slippers" (1991)

"Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn Collection" Star Book No. 225 (Date Unknown)

Better Homes And Gardens "Crafts To Try Your Hand At" (Article only extracted from January 1983 issue)

Caron Book 531 "Learn To Crochet" (1978)

Coats & Clark Book No.251 "Baby Book" (1977)

Coats & Clark Book No. 210-A "Learn To Crochet" (1974)

Columbia-Minerva "Afghans By Columbia-Minerva" Book 742 (Rev 1/80)

Crochet Fantasy Number 47, Vol. 7, No. 7 (Oct 1988)

Crochet Fantasy Number 37, Vol. 6, No. 5 (Jul 1987)

Crochet Fantasy Number 23, Vol. 4, No. 7 (Oct 1985)

Crochet Fantasy Number 24, Vol. 4, No. 8 (Dec 1985)

Crochet Fantasy Number 25, Vol. 5, No. 1 (Jan 1986)

Family Circle Volume 95 Number 10 Article on page 94 "Fashion Extras! Great items to crochet, needlepoint, sew." (July 20, 1982)

Family Circle "Take a $5 Ball of Yarn ...And Look What You Can Make!" (Article extracted from Family Circle 1/25/83)

Family Circle Vol. 6, No. 12 "Christmas Helps 1980"

Heritage Afghan Design by Eldonna Ewers. Flier 1160F (Date Unknown)

"The Original KTEL International Knitter: A Revolutionary New Method Of Knitting And Crocheting With One Needle" (1970) I don't have the tool but one can actually learn this method from the instructions.

Leisure Arts Leaflet 99 "Odd'n Ends To Knit and Crochet" (1977)

Leisure Arts Leaflet 101 "Baby Afghans To Knit and Crochet 2" (1977)

Magic Crochet Number 37 (August 1985)

McCall's "Needlework & Crafts" (Jan/Feb 1984)

McCall's "Needlework & Crafts" (October 1984)

McCall's "Stitchery Vol. V for baby" 1/7701 (1977)

mon tricot "Knit & Crochet" (Aug. 79 MD 67)

"Olde Time Needlework: 1985 Special" (1985)

Oxmoor House "Crocheted Afghans" First Printing (1988)

Oxmoor House "Granny Squares, Nanny Squares: New Twists For Classic Crochet" The Vanessa-Ann Collection First Printing (1989)

Woman's Day Super Special "Granny Squares & Needlework: 50 Great Designs to Crochet, Knit, Stitch" (September 1983)

Woman's Day Super Special "101 Needlework & Sweater Ideas" (March 1983)

Woman's Day (Knitting patterns "Easy Sweaters To Knit in a Day" Page 42) (March 8, 1983)

Woman's Day Super Special "Woman's Day Granny Squares Number 6" (September-October 1978)

Woman's Day "The Blooming Afghans" (Article only extracted from February 12, 1980 issue)

Woman's Day "The Great Vest Revival" (Article only extracted from 2/8/83 issue)

I will add more later... :D

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